Format/Config for Custom Tiles

11-06-2018 06:53 AM
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I am trying to use a custom tile layer as a map backdrop - ONLINE use.  I cannot get it to work.  I have edited the *.info file and placed the URL but with no success.  I published the layer using ArcGIS Pro.  The layer displays in AGOL Maps.  Here is my layer...

1) The documentation below shows some examples with various stuff after the /tile/  is this important?

${z}/${y}/${x}   - is this a "format" where you substitute your values or is this a sort of wild card?.  Is this required?

The documentation shows...

2) Is the "tile template URL" format documented anywhere?

3) Are there any map project requirements?

4) Do I need the "*.png" piece?

I tried...${z}/${y...${z}/${y...}

I tried forcing a single tile...

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Hi Jonathan,

Yes, there is an error in the documentation.  For ArcGIS tiled map services, you should be able to simply use the URL to /MapServer,, by itself.  We have an issue filed to update the documentation.

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