FME Server webhook automation to email Survey123 submissions with attached photo(s)

12-09-2020 08:38 PM
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We are trying to use FME Server/Desktop to achieve the following:

1. Intercept Survey123 submissions using webhooks - this works well.

2. Conditionally send an email containing submitted data - this works as well.

3. Include any photos attached to the survey submission - this part we can't get to work. Most submissions do not include photos. We are novices with FME.

Surely someone has had this requirement before. If so, can you please share your solution?

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Hi Adrian,

We faced the same challenge in a customer project. Here is what we did:

A Webhook payload itself doesn’t include the photos but the name (and in the latest version of Survey123) also the complete url to the referenced photos. That allows you to use other transformers in FME to fetch the photo (HTTPCaller or ImageFetcher). Going this direction you have to authorize against your Portal within FME first. This can be done by an additional HTTPCaller. To learn how this works you can download any ArcGISOnline transformer from FME Hub e.g. ArcGISOnlineWebhookDataGetter:

Please feel free to contact in case you need further support with FME.

Best regards,

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Thanks Jürgen

As I mentioned, we are novices with FME. I have downloaded the ArcGISOnlineWebhookDataGetter transformer and opened in FME Desktop, and installed the custom transformer. Presumably I have to use the HTTP caller to get the authentication token from our portal first, then pass the token into the ArcGISOnlineWebhookDataGetter. 

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