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Filter INBOX based on field value and csv

07-21-2023 01:59 AM
New Contributor III


Hi, I am looking at trying to filter an INBOX based on the relationship between the logged in user and a field in a csv file.

The csv file looks like this:- 


In my survey I have a question that selects the site area using a choice list



So I want to only list those surveys which have the same area name as that stated next to the user in the csv file for the user logged in. For example, for User1, the INBOX would only list surveys in 'east'.

I was looking at using pulldata with the csv to create a list of only those users in the area selected, then concatenating the list of users into a variable. My idea was to then use a LIKE statement in the INBOX query to interrogate the ${username} and the concatenated variable.



My question is - how do I concatenate the name field values from the filtered list from the csv file?





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