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Fields only accessible to certain users?

03-30-2021 05:43 AM
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Is it possible to set up a Survey123 form to have fields that are not visible to some, but visible to others.  

I am building a public facing Survey123 app to allow users to request water bottle sample kits.  So, the users would enter in their info, what sample kit(s) they want and submit it.  

I then need to be able to have lab staff enter in information like the sample kit number, date the kit was sent out, etc. A related table might work, except that there needs to be a way for the lab staff to easily see what new form entries have come in.  Ideally, I would like it all on the same table, but I am not sure if I can hide some fields from the public, but make them accessible to lab staff.


I appreciate any help with this.

Lisa D.

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You can make a feature service that has more fields than the form so just leave them off the form but in the service.  Then the lab can use a web map or even a second form pointing to the same feature service.

Related table would also work.

Hope that helps.