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04-07-2021 01:25 PM
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My organization is in the process of switching from an asset management centered inspection form for land disturbing projects to an extensive Survey123 form. With the use of power automate, I have been able to match and improve what our inspectors have gotten use to with the previous software. One issue I am having trouble figuring out is how to notify a group of people if the status of the job changes.  For instance, my organization issues Stop Work Orders. I have configured a trigger to send an email to management when the Stop Work Order is issued. I simply run a conditional statement of Job Status is equal to Stop Work Order along with another statement that takes repeats into account. What I am trying to figure out is the best way to notify the same group when the Stop Work Order is changed back to Active. There has been some discussion about our inspectors typing an email to notify management when the status is back to active, but that scares me a bit due to the fact that it brings human error into play. Would anyone have an idea on how I should approach this? Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @JasonSimpson,

If I'm following, what you might be describing sounds like a perfect solution for implementing webhooks on the feature service that your survey is based on. You can send a webhook to PowerAutomate to trigger your notification on a lot more event types than just on the initial survey submission through Survey123, including when a feature is updated. In PowerAutomate, you will use the "when a HTTP request is received" to get your flow going.


Also, if you are taking in the Deverloper Summit this week you might, want to watch the following:

It also looks like Survey123 can fire Power Automate based on a "Edit" event. Check out the latest news on Survey123:

Hope this helps, but I would definitely use webhooks to achieve what you are doing with Power Automate.


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