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Field Case Does Not Match - Survey123 Connect

11-29-2023 08:02 AM
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I am updating an existing survey to add the field LOCATION_ID.  It is connected to a hosted feature class and feature class view in AGOL.  When I first created the field in the AGOL hosted feature class, I accidentally used Location_ID, but deleted it and readded it as LOCATION_ID.  In Survey123 Connect, I have the field as LOCATION_ID.  When I try to upload the survey, I am given the following message:

"Field LOCATION_ID in Utility Work Order case does not match Location_ID"

I tried deleting the row in Survey123 Connect, reuploading it without the field, then adding it back into the survey.  I also tried deleting the field in the hosted feature class on AGOL, updating the view, readding the field, then updating the view again.  I have closed and reopened Survey123 Connect and tried making it a text type instead of hidden, which is preferred.  The only way it works is if I change the name of the field in both applications.



In Survey123 Connect: 


Anyone have any insight on why the case change is not being recognized?  I haven't encountered this issue before and have been using Survey123 Connect for a few years.

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I don't know if this applies to you, but hidden fields are always text fields unless you set the esriFieldType column to whatever data type you want. This is one reason Ismael Chivite at ESRI prefers using the hidden appearance, although hidden appearance still takes space on the form, while hidden data type does not.

If possible, you may want to try creating a new survey from the current xlsform file, see if that clears up any problems.

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I tried changing the hidden data type to text with the same result.  I also added the fieldType as esriFieldTypeString and set the fieldLength to 10, like I did in the hosted feature class.  We want the Location IDs to come in as text, as they are a set identifier and not to be used in things like calculations.  I was able to change the name of the field in both the hosted feature class and the survey and it worked without issue.  I would prefer to use the original name, but this will suffice.  I would still like to figure out why it's not working to prevent future issues.

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