Feature report error trying a render an image

05-19-2020 06:08 PM
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I have built a feature report that includes an image that may or may not be attached to a survey.  I have made sure in the template the it has the appropriate 'if' function around it so that if it is not there it is ignored.  Despite this, I get an error message telling me it was unable to render the non existent image.

Section in report template:

${if wc_company}${dcpt_signature|size:0:28}${/}${wcpt_signature|size:0:28}   


I have other report templates that seem to ignore the 'if' function, I'm wondering if this is another case of this problem?

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In fact on further testing the report generates the same error even when that image is attached... HEre is the section from xls form:

imagedcpt_signatureSignature of Primary Technician

I can see the image in attachments:

and Integromat can see it too:

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