Failed to Submit when making an edit on the Survey123 Browser

10-27-2021 10:57 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello! So we have a survey for collecting macroinvertebrate data from streams, where specific question groups are presented depending on what sampling method is selected (in a select_one question). After submitting a survey we are unable to make edits and resubmit in the survey123 web browser only (see attached screenshot) if a specific sampling method was selected. In this case, if we performed a multi-habitat assessment. Edits can be made in the attribute table and if resubmitted in the field-app, so why not in the web browser? Is there any particular reason why we cannot submit edits only for surveys with a specific method (and therefore the sampling questions group)? 

The group that has problems does have a series of somewhat complex calculations that calculates the number of desired habitat types and reduces that number when that specific habitat type is sampled. I'll attach a copy of the XLSFrom and a link to a test survey that has the same issue.

Thanks for any advice! 

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