Failed to Print Map error with Organization Basemap

11-23-2021 08:17 AM
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I'm getting the Failed to Print Map error when generating a report in Survey123.


I'm using the mapSettings parameter in a custom template (that I'm testing) that points to an empty webmap with our organization's basemap.  The basemap works fine in the survey, as far as I can tell.  The item ID in the error points to the organization's basemap as it is stored in our ArcGIS Online account.

When I change the basemap in the report webmap to use an ESRI basemap, no error is present, and the report generates as expected.  The aerial will do okay, in a pinch, but we would really like to show our campus basemap in the generated report.

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I am having the same error and would like to use my organizations map.  I know this was a while, back.  Did you find a solution?

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