external_choices not showing on cell phones

04-30-2019 01:39 PM
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I published a survey using Survey123 Connect on my desktop.  The form works great on the desktop, and all choices from the external_choices tab are available.


However when I download the form on my cell phone, iPhone8 with iOS 12.2; Survey123 v.3.3.26, the fields for external_choices do not show.  It’s as if they don’t even exist.

So I tried it on a different cell phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Android v8.0.0; Survey123 v.3.3.26.  Same thing; no fields from the survey that point to select_one_external show up.


I tried again on a tablet, Galaxy Note Pro, SM-P900 Android v.5.0.2, and it worked!  The select_one_external fields are there, and work as expected.


Is there a known issue with cell phones not being able to read the external_choices itemsets.csv.

I do not have this issue on cell phones with any of the other .csv files, such as my other surveys using the pulldata from .csv.


(I’m using the external_choices since there are 6700 rows of data.  Having all those rows on the regular choices tab worked fine when testing on the desktop Survey123 Connect, however it would not publish, kept timing out.  I believe it may have been error code 409, but can’t quite remember exactly the code#. )

Most all of my teammates will be using this survey on a mobile cell phone, so we'd really like to find a fix or work-around!

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Hi Lori,

Can you share your survey?  You can e-mail me at jtedrick AT Esri.com if need be.

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