Export to excel not working

02-28-2023 12:12 AM
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When I  export my survey123 data to excel I get an error, what this can be?  the message below may  help  but I have no idea
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
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Hi @DrJumaKhudonazarov ,

Can you please share some more information to help us locate the issue?

  • Did you export by using the "Export" button the data on the Data tab of the Survey123 website?
  • Is the survey created from Survey123 Connect or the Survey123 website?
  • Did you observe the same issue when exporting to other data formats, e.g. CSV, Shapefile?
  • Can you export the data of the source feature layer from the item details page in ArcGIS Online?
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Hi @DrJumaKhudonazarov 

Following on from Zhifang's post please confirm if the issue is still occurring. I am unable to recreate the issue exporting to Excel from the data tab testing with new and existing surveys.

If it is still occurring just reply with the details above and we can investigate further.



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No,  it is  fine now  thanks

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Now  i am getting  bellow message

Server Error

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable

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Now CSV files can be exported  but excel  and shapefiles  have the same problem, i think there is something going  on with the survey123

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I am also having this issue when exporting from Survey123 (web) to Excel.  The data appears in Excel online only, the download function opens a new web page :


In Excel online, when I try to edit a copy - so save a copy, the message below appears


From Survey123 Web, export to csv and then saving from csv to xlsx is working fine.  

Export from AGOL to csv / xlsx or shapefile is working fine.

The issue appears to be limited to Survey123 export to Excel in my situation.

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Hi @CarmelAustin ,

Do you still observe the issue when exporting to the Excel format via the Survey123 website? Your first screenshot indicates the user token might expire. This can usually be solved by signing in to the Survey123 website again.

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We've been having problems for several weeks now:


Steps are:
1. Log into Survey123
2. Search and go to survey.
3. Navigate to Data and Export to XLSX.

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Hi @DavidClark9 ,

Did you encounter the issue immediately after exporting the Excel file from the Data tab on Survey123? For example, there is no download dialog poped up but directly navigating to the error page starts with https://ago-item-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/?

Or the error occurs intermittently and you can download the Excel file by exporting again from the Survey123 website?

The exported Excel file was originally hosted on https://ago-item-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/ with 5 minutes life span. So if you hold the download page and refresh it 5 minutes later, it is expected to see such an error.

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