Existing Data Service not Compatible with Survey

01-27-2020 01:05 PM
New Contributor

I updated a survey in Survey123 Connect, which altered the schema of a repeat.  I went into the table in ArcGIS Online and made the changes to the fields, but it will still not let me publish. 

The error is this: The existing data service is not compatible with the survey - (Fields not found in the feature service: 2).

Am I overlooking some detail as to how I can add the fields and have them publish?  

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Esri Contributor

As a best practice, it is not recommended to make schema changes to a survey or associated feature service once published. This can lead to data corruption or an unusable survey. I would try to create a new survey from that existing, updated feature service and compare the newly created form with the original one that you are editing to see if there are any differences/ fields you are missing. 


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