EXIF pulldata() into existing Attachment Table

12-06-2017 12:03 PM
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Hey everyone.

I'm looking to use the pulldata() function to grab EXIF data off the photo, and populate custom fields in the ATTACH table created when I use the Create Attachment function in ArcCatalog.

The setup: I have an Enterprise system (not Portal) and have published my feature class with it's attachment table. But when I bring it into Survey123 the attachment table isn't recognized as a related table. How do I get Survey123 to populate that table and not the feature class?

I would like to capture the EXIF data from each individual photo, not just the first.


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Hi Erick,

Unfortunately, the addAttachemnt function of the ArcGIS Feature Service REST API (the function that submits an image) does not allow for additional field data to be passed with the attachment, so the EXIF information cannot be submitted into the attachment table. You would need to post-process the images after submission to store the data in fields. 

An alternative may be to have your photos in a repeat; this would make a related table the photo is associated with and could store per-photo exif information.

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