ERROR: The survey is not accessible or does not exist

04-14-2022 12:53 AM
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Just found that we cannot log into our survey. we used to log in using the portal, and this survey was created on the portal and now trying to log in using the admin user, 

we didn't make any movement or changes to any features of the survey. any thoughts on how to log to view the data.

The error is as per the below screenshot




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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi. This error appears when the Survey123 app cannot access your survey. There is not a lot of wiggle room on this one. As the dialog shows:

  • Your form item no longer exists (has been deleted) or,
  • The logged-in user no longer has access to the survey (this looks unlikely because you seem to be an admin)

It may be easier to resolve having more eyes on it. Can you open a Tech Support incident to go over this with someone via a screen sharing session?

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Hi @IsmaelChivite,

Thank you very much for your response. I'll raise a Tech Support Incident as recommended. Appreciated.

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