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Error sending edits from Inbox

02-17-2022 09:47 AM
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The downloaded data in the Inbox has wrong formatting and its causing error when submitting edits.

I found the globalid and the parentglobalid are mis-formatted. I also noticed the another field is also wrong, see recordingstarttime in the screenshot. It is 5 character length and the json shows 6 character.

Survey123 version 3.13.246 but I also tried with the 3.14(RC3). in Windows.

It works fine in iOS, Survey123 version 3.13.246.

EDIT: I see same mis-formatting of globalid and parentglobalid hapening on Android version too.


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @NirmalOjha1

I would suggest opening a case with Esri Technical Support to further debug this behavior. If you query the feature service from the REST endpoint does the results from the query also show the incorrect formatting?

Thank you,
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Rest endpoint shows data correctly. And its not for all features, just few of them show incorrectly. And I have not seen this behavior in iOS.



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