Error message while when saving changes in management page

02-26-2022 08:01 PM
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I have an error message that is driving me mad with survey123 management page. Couldn't find results for similar error.

Some information about the survey

The survey is published within Enterprise ArcGIS portal for department of transportation, can be accessed by organization team only.

1- Submits to a custom feature layer based on ArcSDE table

2- Uses a number of csv files in media folder using pull data functions

3- Utilizes multiple lists that sums up to 5000 choices.

4- Includes two repeats referencing two hosted tables on ArcSDE 

Problem Description

When saving survey in survey management page, even without changing anything. I receive similar error message. See attached image

Error Message :2022-02-26 21_34_21-Traffic Signal Power Consumption Survey V2 - Collaborate.png 

"Failed to save. Hide details

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'compare')"

Thank you.




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