Can I create point data and edit existing polygon attributes in the same survey -Survey123

02-25-2022 01:17 PM
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I'm trying to use Survey123 to collect data for a grassland plant survey. We're dividing the area to be surveyed up into tiles, and we also want to collect point data to represent the plants we find.

Is it possible to edit existing tile polygons attributes to mark them as complete (using Inbox for example), while also creating new point data to represent the plants? It seems like you might be able to do this using a feature service with both point and polygon layers but I can't quite see how to get there.

Any ideas?

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A repeat question will probably get you there. This arcticle will get you a long way.  If you add a geopoint question within the repeat, you can collect points which will be related to the parcel which will have its own attributes as well. It's probably easier to create this survey with Survey123 Connect as it will be a little more complex. If you want to you can create the feature service from Survey123 Connect or make one first and then reference it, but indeed you will have to have 2 layers with a relationship class between them. Good luck!

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Agree with @HuubZwart 

The approach I'd take (mainly because I prefer to use S123 Connect to create feature layers with a relationship):

- Use the schema of your polygon layer to create a survey123 form (even if you don't want all the fields in the survey),  then use a repeat to collect your plant points and attributes. 

-Publish to AGOL from Connect

-Use the Append tool in ArcPro to append your existing polygons to the just-created (and empty) feature service

-Add a field to your polygon layer, something along the lines of complete yes/no

-In S123 Connect, create a NEW survey and select the option to create from an existing feature service, pointing at the service you just created and appended to. 

-Remove all of the unwanted fields from layer 0 / polygon layer from your S123 XLS (they won't be removed from the feature service, just the form).  Up to you on how you want to mark a polygon as completed, but it could be a user-selection or auto-complete if you have >0 entries in your repeat or something. 

-Make sure to enable edits and set up the queries that support editing from the inbox.   

-Publish.  User's should be able to select a polygon from their inbox in the Survey123 form (the 2nd one you created from the existing feature service), or you could use URL parameters to launch it from a web map/collector map. 

***I'm sure there's a better way to go about this, but this is the approach I'd take on my first go because of frustrations with related labels, ParentGlobalID fields, etc and trying to use them in apps and dashboards later.