Error converting XLSForm

02-08-2022 11:17 AM
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I cannot figure out what is causing this error message when I try to validate my Survey123 form. The error message is attached as well as my form. Any thoughts?

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It looks like the error message in your JPG is cut off, and the XLS Form PDF is a bit hard to read (for me at least) since the calculations overlap into other cells and it's a static format so I can't change cell widths.

Could you possibly provide the full text of the error message, and also provide the XLS Form in table format?


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b'ODK Validate Errors:\n>>Something broke the parser. See above for a hint.\nDependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate\n\nResult: Invalid'

Above is what the error states below the Error Title: Error converting XLSForm


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You have a loop here

pulldata("@javascript","function_nextid.js","Brant Lake Challenge Finisher Survey",${finisher_number})

You cannot give finisher_number to a function then get a value back into that same field.  The would create an endless loop.  

Dependency cycles can be hard to understand so I hope that makes sense.

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Hello @Katie_Clark  and @DougBrowning 

Overall, this is what I am trying to do. I created a survey in the web version initially which I have connected with integromat for sending an email to the survey submitter with an attachment including a Completion Certificate. On that Completion Certificate - which is a report from Survey123 - there is a spot where it says the Finisher Number, meaning the number of which they completed the challenge. For example, 1,2,3 and so on. At first I was using the ObjectID field as the identifier for that Finisher Number, but after reading some more and of course doing tests of my integromat scenario, when I wish to go live with my survey, the Certificate Finisher Number will not be accurate since I cannot delete ObjectID's. I than came across a feed on ESRI community talking about using Javascript and Survey123 Connect to get this to work. My plan was to have an auto incrementing field in my survey123 form which I can than use in the report or Certificate that is then sent to the survey submitter. 


Please let me know your thoughts, much appreaciated!!


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