Error 400 Cannot Perform Query

02-21-2023 06:53 PM
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I'm facing same issue after refreshing the inbox Error 400 popped up "cannot perform query" knowing that I didn't apply any query expression to the inbox, and this error appear only after I added repeat on row 76. the form can successfully publish, records submitted normally, but it doesn't query from the inbox, and it shows data error in the hosted feature class. I've attached the form for your reference.

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Hi @MohammadTawbi ,

To understand why the repeat is leading to an invalid query, more information on the feature service is needed.  Can you review the Item Details page for the feature service and ensure that update is enabled and that users are allowed to see records (either the ones they own or all)?

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HI @JamesTedrick ,

Thank you for your prompt response!

I have spotted the error already, the length of Database Field name is exceeding 30 characters, and this caused the error. I adjusted the field name to be less than 30 characters in the XLS file and I published the form again, now Iam able to refresh the inbox and query data also user is able to access the feature class without any problem.
 Screenshot 2023-02-23 082941.jpg

The weird in this, that the form was published without showing error, and user could submit records as well, but when it comes to query data the data error appears.

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