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04-06-2018 07:14 AM
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Hello, I haven't used GeoNet much in the past, so I apologize in advance if I mess this up somehow. I'm putting together a survey for the first time using Survey123, and so far I really like it. However, there's one function I would like to have that I can't figure out how to create. I've looked everywhere for an answer to this question, but I can't seem to find one.

When carrying out a survey, our workers will arrive at a point, and address 5-10 features about the point using yes/no answers to two questions. The two questions will always be the same. In other words, there will be four possible answers (yes/no, no/no, no/yes, yes/yes) for each feature, 5-10 different features for each point, and there may be up to 50 points in a single survey. In the survey form, I would like to represent this by having four integer boxes for each feature, to allow surveyors to enter the number of points that are answered in each of the four ways for a given feature. Example of what I would like:

The surveyor is going through a forest park, and assessing different tree features related to potential safety hazards.

Feature: The trunk of the tree is decaying.


1) Is this feature occurring at this tree?

2) Is this situation causing a safety hazard?


Y/Y: 32      N/N: 15      Y/N: 8      N/Y: 0

Feature: A beehive is located in this tree.


1) Is this feature occurring at this tree?

2) Is this situation causing a safety hazard?


Y/Y: 13      N/N: 35     Y/N: 7     N/Y: 0

Since the surveyor may come across 50 individual trees in 30 minutes, I expect that it will be much less time-intensive for them to be able to tally the response to each feature as they come across each tree (and update the tally as they assess more trees), rather than to respond to all features for a given tree, and then repeat 50 times. 

It would seem that if an unsafe feature is not occurring, then there is no chance that the situation could cause a safety hazard, therefore there would never be a number entered into the "No/Yes" box. However, without getting too much into the details of my survey, I will just say that it is possible, though very rare.

I hope I have explained my issue clearly. There may be an obvious solution to this that I have not yet discovered. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Alan,

Survey123 doesn't support laying out multiple questions on the same line.  The closest that can currently be done is to have the questions in sequence; a mockup given the questions is attached.  There is an enhancement issue open to support more complex layouts, which could support what you are describing; I'll add this use case to it.

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James, this looks like the best solution in this situation. Thanks very much for your help. 

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