Enter coordinate manually during offline uses

09-10-2020 03:50 PM
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Hello all, 

I got a question from my client, but not sure if there is any work around.

My client wants to enter GPS coordinate manually under a geopoint question during offline uses, but it does not allow editing. When I test it without the network connection, there is coordinate captured from my own mobile device but it's not editable. My client is using an actual GPS device to get the accurate values so she needs to replace the default value from the mobile device with the values from GPS. Is there any work around with minimal changes on the survey form?



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Hi Kerry. Survey123 can connect to a number of external GNSS receivers. If at all possible, the ideal workflow is to connect the GPS to your device and have Survey123 feed locations from the external device.  You can also automatically gather GNSS metadata from the GPS too. More info at:

 Use a high-accuracy receiver—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation 


If connecting to the receiver is not possible, I do not think if there is a practical solution to your problem. Technically, you could do something like this:

geopointlocationLocationconcat(${y}," ",${y})

The above form will calculate your geopoint from the provided X and Y values, but you will need to check if that is practical or not for your client.

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He may mean a handheld device.  If so, then no you cannot.   Unless you add a offline basemap like a TPK or VTPK and link then it should let you but I have not tested it all the way.   We actually decided to not let the crew do this anymore and just use the tablet since it is good enough for us.

Ideally you could use the basemap Collector downloaded but you cannot.

Hope that helps.