Enhancement: Configured photo storage locations for sync

11-29-2016 08:23 PM
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Hi everyone,

We have had several clients recently require images to taken as part of surveys but they are legislated to have their images stored somewhere else.

My enhancement request is:

On creation of the survey, supply a configuration that allows the user choose a location:

  • As Attachments
  • Amazon S3 bucket or some other cloud storage.

I got it working with ArcPad as an applet 

For example, when you use AWS, you would have to enter an access key and secret that would get stored as part of the survey config. This could be done my the survey creator and the user would never know what is going on in the background.

I'll let you work out the finer points but somenthing like:

  • Upload image - return URL,
  • Append URL, Upload feature

L#ooking forward to the discussion



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Where are they stored  normally Gareth

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