Embedding Survey123 Forms in Multiple Pages

04-15-2019 01:40 PM
Esri Contributor

I would like to create an embedded Survey123 form and put that one form on multiple web pages. Is there a way for Survey123 to input the page URL where the survey is being submitted from?


My Survey123 form is a simple single question - Do you like our service?

I embed that Survey123 form on the city utility billing page, planning counter page, maintenance page etc.

When the form is submitted can a hidden field be used to identify the form was completed on the utility billing web page vs any of the other pages the form maybe embedded?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Jason,

I do not believe this is currently possible, as it would require the hidden calculation to get the properties of other parts of the webpage it is embedded in to identify which page it was accessed on.

You could try using 3 different surveys that all point to the same feature service so the data is in one place, and then embed each survey on each different webpage, but each survey can have a hidden question with a default set to that page name. To the user it will look like the same survey, but behind the scenes you are storing the page it was taken on in the hidden field.


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