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Embed Fillable PDF in Survey

05-20-2021 12:27 PM
New Contributor III

Is there anyway to embed a website or fillable PDF within a survey in Survey123? It would be great for permitting purposes to be able to fill out the information in a fillable PDF within Survey123 and submit the survey with the fillable PDF information as an attachment. 

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MVP Honored Contributor

Tyler, I am not sure but I do not think that this is intended behavior of Survey123. Perhaps the user could download the PDF, fill it out, then attach it to the survey as an item and submit that altogether at the end?

New Contributor III

That is how I have it set up right now, which works fairly well. I just figured if you could embed a PDF it would save a couple steps for the end users. 

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New Contributor II

That's exactly what I want to do. I wish they worked on it in the past 3 years.

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