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Edition log in Survey123

09-23-2020 03:39 PM
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Hello everybody,

I need your help to find a possible solution to the following:

I have a layer that receives modifications from many users for a single record, because it's used to request and resolve inconsistencies. In that sense, it is necessary to keep a history of the editions on the layer, such as comments, user name, date of edition, among others, such as a change log, to have the traceability of the service and those involved.
This will then be displayed in a panel as I show in the attached image.

The only solution I found at the moment was to record the history through a related table. So that the user created a new record in the related table every time he did a case update, but that is not fully functional, because there are key fields in the main layer that must be updated to change the case states and cannot be edited from that survey.

However, I had to create a survey with the function of only adding new records to the related table, because if the survey edited the main layer, the user could see all the history of the case and edit it.

What I need is record the changes automatically in the related table, from the main layer, so that it is transparent to the user, but I can't find a way to increase a record without showing the repeat in the main survey.

I really appreciate if you have any solutions or ideas on how I could implement it.


Jeffry J.

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Hi Jeffry,

Are you able to provide a copy of your xlsx file for this survey and further explanation about which questions you want updated from the main layer into the related layer? This will help understand the workflow further and if it is even possible using Survey123 field app and the Inbox. You may need to use post/pre processing routines or scripts to update the data before the user downloads it in the Inbox.



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