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08-03-2018 08:57 AM
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Hi Survey123 Creators,

I would like to confirm some workflows that I am seeing with regard to surveys already sent, but still on the tablet.  I am running the latest version as of today of Connect and the Android app.  My survey is inspecting precast concrete foundations where there are 15 pass/fail questions.  Each question requires a fail comment and a photo driven from a relevant relationship.  I generally have users working disconnected with data going into the Outbox, then sending at night from hotel/home.  Sometimes edits are required, and I have observed this behavior:

  1. In the Sent box, I can Edit and Resend a survey, but adding additional attachments do net get sent to the server when resending, although they do stay on the tablet.
  2. As a work around, I tried opening the resent survey from the sent box in Copy data to a new survey, opens the survey, the tabular data is there, but no attachments are copied over into the new survey.

I know handling attachments is tricky, but I think both of these operations should be supported so I hope I am just doing something wrong…  Users do come back to surveys, and in some of my past cases, photos were taken with a high zoom external camera, then transferred to the tablet and attached to the survey, but if the survey is sent then the new attachments won’t send.

My working instructions for users is not to send until you are sure you are complete, as adding attachments to the survey in the Outbox works fine.  A work around for me would be to have a setting on the survey that would allow/disallow editing of the Sent items.  I know I can remove the Sent items with another setting, but I have had too many communication issues sending from poor hotel wifi, and have had to salvage from the sqlite database so I like to keep it on the tablets.



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Larry,

Currently, Survey123 does not support editing of attachments.  When copying a form into a new survey, Survey123 removes the attachments.  That being said, you should be able to edit the images if the survey is stored in the Drafts or Outbox folders.

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Hello James,

Is it still the case that when copying a form into a new survey, Survey123 removes the attachments?

Our customer uses Survey123 version 3.11.164 and still faces this behavior.

If this behavior still exists as "works as designed", what is the workaround?

Thank you very much, best regards,

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