Edit Survey123 Link to look more attractive when shared

03-01-2021 01:50 PM
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Is there any way to alter a survey123 link so that the shared link is more informative/appealing? For example, this is how the link appears when shared on facebook:


Is there a way to get  this to be more descriptive of the actual survey and not just show this more generic information? Ideally it would show the survey thumbnail and have the title of the survey instead of the 'Account Login - ArcGIS Survey123'.


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Hi @KatieGodding ,

Thanks for the feedback. You are right, the information would be better coming from survey info (survey name, thumbnail, summary).


I've added your feedback to our backlog issue and will let you know once it is implemented. It will be also helpful if you can raise a ticket to Esri Support Service to prioritize it.

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