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06-11-2018 08:17 AM
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I had some field workers complete without being logged in so they were saved as draft to the SQLite db on the mobile device as drafts.  I can't send them because the username data type wasn't populated and is a required field.  I tried logging in and send but that didn't work.  It turns out that there is a bug (BUG-000113164 ) that screws things up.  I downloaded the SQLite db to my desktop and can access it via the Survey 123 desktop app but get the same results as the mobile device.  I would like to manually edit the SQLite db but am not sure how to do it as structure is very off looking to me.  Any help would be appreciated.


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I had a similar problem with a two form, one service solution where different users are filling out each form. The second survey pulls down existing surveys through the inbox for editing. The second survey is supposed to add the username and email metadata but it doesn't add those values. This was replicated with a case I had with ESRI "Confirmed that when the second survey is used to create a new submission, it populates username and email without any issues, but when it is used to edit an existing submission from the inbox, it does not write into those fields anymore". The analyst assigned it to the same BUG-000113164. My workaround was to use a pulldata function to add the email addresses. 

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Hi Christopher,

I edit SQLite with this little free software: DB Browser for SQLite 

Then I send data with Survey 123 desktop app.



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