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Download image in Survey123 webapp blocked

04-18-2024 03:32 AM
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Hello, I hope you are doing well 😉

I am having an issue when trying to download an image from the Survey123 web application.

I created a Survey123 Connect form and added a repeat where the user (field worker) could update images from their observations. From this survey, I created another one in Connect where the manager could check the field worker's observations and download the picture if they want to inspect them better, but when I click the download button, it seems like nothing happens.

My survey is embedded in a dashboard. I checked the inspector and it shows me this message:


I tried with other browsers and encountered the same issue.

Could someone help me address this?

Thanks in advance.

Note: Sorry about my english. 

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May be of help? Sounds like a WAB/EB issue.

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This is a standard browser issue. Embedded websites aren't allowed downloads due to potential for malicious software.

You can embed the website with an allow-downloads parameter but it doesn't look like it is supported:

Would suggest embedding the survey data in a different way e.g. Survey123 widget

Or non-survey; use the standard app widgets for map/data display and format the data using Arcade or the widget configuration UI.

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Thank you so much for answer my question. 

@abureaux Thank you for this information, I was really helpful! I don't know how to implement it, but I will check it with more time. 

@ChristopherCounsellThank you for the links. They're helpful as well! It seems there isn't an easy way to enable downloads. It would be great if I could simply disable this button if I can't use it. 

I will try all the suggestions.

Thank you!


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