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Download dataframe in python not working for specific survey ID Survey123

07-12-2022 09:45 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I'm getting an Error Code: 400 "This operation is not supported." when trying to download my data in a dataframe from a specific Survey123 form.

I have 2 forms for 2 different locations but other than that, they are identical. I'm able to download my data from one form ('Scripps') but when I try the same code just using the survey item ID for the other location ('MarineStreet'), I get the Error Code:400. Both surveys have the same settings and same permissions.

I know the survey item ID is correct because I can successfully get a reference to my survey in the variable 'survey_by_id'

If anyone has any idea why the code is working for one site and not the other, please reply. I'm attaching my code below. I'm getting the error on this line:

survey_df ='DF')


username = "username"
password = "password"

if spot == 'marinestreet':
    survey_item_id = "c1a3c3ae626a4cb3b1cd0ebe02a57b33"
elif spot == 'scripps':
    survey_item_id = "184c07b6050b4f1da47ad089fe414f3a"

gis = GIS(portalURL, username, password)
survey_manager = arcgis.apps.survey123.SurveyManager(gis)
survey_by_id = survey_manager.get(survey_item_id)
survey_df ='DF')


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