Distributed Collaboration, Enterprise, and AGOL Survey123

02-02-2020 04:11 PM
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If I set up a Distributed Collaboration between my ArcGIS Online Organization and my Enterprise, will I be able to use services from my server (Enterprise) to create S123 Feature Reports on my server, thus negating the ArcGIS Online Credit cost per report?

I want my users to still be able to log in using their AGOL username rather than force them to switch between Portal accounts and AGOL accounts depending upon the survey being used.

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Hello April Chipman‌,

To knowledge no matter what service is being used using the feature reporting capability in ArcGIS Online consumes credits. You have two settings when collaborating content. 

  • Share as copy
  • Share as referenced.

If you want to share as referenced ArcGIS Online needs to be able to resolve the service URL of your services. Share as copy publishes a new feature service in ArcGIS Online. This hosted service has some limitation for example it's not possible to edits the hosted feature layer. Otherwise it functions as normal hosted feature service. 

About distributed collaboration—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Hope this helps!



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Hi April,

If you generate the reports from the feature service in your ArcGIS Enterprise, you will not be charged credits to generate feature reports. If you use the copy that is in ArcGIS Online, then credits will be charged to generate the feature report.

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Thanks, James!

I've been working on setting up Survey123 in ArcGIS Enterprise. With the help of tech support we've gotten as far as actually creating the feature reports from submitted surveys. That part still isn't working. I keep getting errors. “Item specified by surveyItemId does not exist or is not accessible.”

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