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Displaying answers to a survey before submitting

03-23-2022 03:11 PM
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I'm new to ArcGIS & Survey123, but I am a software engineer by trade. I have not been able to locate the answer to my question. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to display a temporary "report" of the answers to my survey PRIOR to the user clicking submit. In the field, my user wants to be able to verify that he has input all of his data correctly before actually submitting it, but that would mean he needs to see the data somehow, formatted correctly.

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If you use Survey123 Connect, you can create placeholder questions that reference answers elsewhere in the form. You can download it here, if you don't have it yet:

In the XLS Form, you just add new questions and then use ${fieldname} to pipe in answers from other questions. Here's what the spreadsheet might look like.

begin groupg1Some Questions
select_one yes_noyes_noYes or No
integersome_numberSome Number
textnotes2Another Note
datethedateThe Date
end group  
begin groupg2A "Report" before Submitting
noten1Notes: ${notes}
noten2Yes or No: ${yes_no}
noten3Some Number: ${some_number}
noten4Another Note: ${notes2}
noten5The Date: ${thedate}
end group  


And here's what the form looks like, filled out. The "report" section could as easily be on its own page of the survey, as a sort of "preview your response" page that could be viewed separately.



- Josh Carlson
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@jcarlson explained it perfectly. I just wanted to add on that you might want to set the value in the bind::esri:fieldType column in the XLS form to null for those "report" questions in the form. This is helpful when questions need to be used in the survey for calculations or to help with UI, but you don't want/need them in the final schema of the feature layer.

Hope that helps!


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I use summary pages with grids at the end of the form.  Here are a few samples.   I use red warning or emojis to give warnings.

There are more posts also just search around of you like the idea.