Disable the Submit Button on Survey123 Form

03-11-2019 06:34 PM
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I made an informational form and wanted to disable the or at least make invisible the Submit button.  Anyway I can do that without resorting to creating the form outside Survey123? 

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Hi Mazza,

Are you referring to the field app or web app? Can you expand more on the use case of not allowing the user to submit a survey? Are you displaying previously entered data or passing information via url scheme? Or are you just displaying notes and using it as an informational html web page?

Currently it is not possible to hide the submit button in field app or web app as a survey is designed to collect survey responses. If you think it is a good idea and other users may benefit from it, I suggest you create it as an idea on the ArcGIS Ideas page and hopefully other users vote for it and we can access this as a new enhancement.


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Yes, I want to show some relevant information to an existing Survey, and may need to pass something to the user, but even if it does not pass information, the ability to have an informational form without the submission URL link would be very useful to us. I don't want to clutter the survey or make it more complicated to the average user. But those who need special information I wanted to add a link to another form where the relevant details can be queried.  I would like to have the ability to create informational forms that draw-out data from any dataset just like a survey form, but they are only for informational purposes and donot collect information.

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@MaazaMekuria Did you find a solution? I would definitely thumbs up this idea if you have it on ArcGIS Ideas.

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