Disable attachments from a feature layer view

04-10-2018 05:39 PM
by Anonymous User
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Dear Survey123 community,

Is there any way at all to disable attachments from a feature layer view?

I’d like to make a road closure map for the public from data we receive from consultants regarding road closure applications. These applications comprise of information regarding road closures and engineering drawings (with IP attached to it).

So, I’d like to make a feature layer view of these applications, with sensitive info and all Attachments removed before sharing it with the public.

I have successfully managed to disable all sensitive fields. But, I’m having trouble hiding attachments.

Is there any way to get around this?


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How about create a View from your feature layer hosted and disable "view attachments as link" as you can see in image below?



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Stefano is showing the attribute access in the pop-up configuration; this is probably sufficient for most casual interaction with the data via a web map-based application, though someone with knowledge of the ArcGIS REST API would still be able to access the attachments. 

As per ArcGIS Online‌'s documentation (Manage hosted feature layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS ), you cannot disable access to attachments; in the current context disabling attachments disables the functionality entirely and removes the features.

Another way to implement this would be to create a new feature service for display that lacks attachments (and other fields you don't want the public to view) and periodically update from the incoming source.

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks James Tedrick‌. But, I'd like this feature to be automated altogether in the future.

And, I know that this isn't a Survey123 issue.

I have put this up as an idea on ArcGIS online.

Thanks all.


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Hi James, 

According to the resource you hyperlinked, you can hide attachments in feature layer views (see section called "Hide attachments in views". Not sure if this changed since you wrote the reply in 2018...Do you still believe it to be the case that someone with knowledge of the rest api could still access the attachments?


Thank you,


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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for the suggestion Stefano.

This would hide attachments from the web map, but the underlying feature layer will still have attachments enabled.