Datetime in related table shows up wrong in the popup

08-10-2020 11:17 AM
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I have a survey with a few different date/time fields, one of which is in a repeat.  The repeat one is giving me trouble when I create a popup in the map viewer. In the popup the date shows up as Dec, 31, 1969 no matter what date I chose in the survey. The attribute table shows the correct date, it's just the popup that's wrong.  All the other date/time fields show the correct date and time in the popup except the one in the related table.

Anyone know what's up?

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Hi Chelsea,

If the date is showing correctly in the attribute table, then it sounds more like an issue with ArcGIS Online‌ that Survey123.  Another thing to check is if the date was involved in a calculation in the repeat in the Survey123 form; if that is the case, I would make sure that you are using decimal-datetime to be able to have dates work properly from both the field app and the web app; see for more details.

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