Date from Survey123 in Microsoft Flow

04-23-2019 02:11 PM
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i need to convert the date in my Survey 123 from EPOCH format.

Im using MS flow with Survey123 and SQL connectors. The time from the survey123 is  EPOCH format and i get an error 

"We cannot convert the value 1555570800000 to type Date.\r\n"
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Hi Jevita,

The best way to convert the date is to use the addSeconds function in Flow, dividing the timestamp by 1000 (it's in milliseconds):

addSeconds('1970-01-01', div(<DATEFIELD>, 1000))

That produces a date that you can then format into your preferred string format or use in calculations.

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Jevita Webster


I know it's an old post you hopefully where able to resolve the issue using the solution suggested by James Tedrick, I thought I would post this article here that provides instructions for this workflow in both Microsoft Power Automate and Integromat for reference:

All the best,


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