Database error while submitting new records

05-20-2020 12:37 AM
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I faced an error while submitting new record of survey123 form and the error was about database error as shown in below figure.

I am using portal for arcgis 10.6.1 and the survey already has 24 records submitted by the engineers. So, kindly please check the issue and if you have any solution update me. (the xlsform in attachment)@

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Hello Hossam,

Are you only getting this error when attempting to submit from a specific device (or are all devices failing to submit)? Have you tried going to Settings → Storage → Fix Database? If this doesn't help you could try reinitializing the database (Settings → Storage → Reinitialize Database) but make sure you have all the data you need from the device as this will delete all suvey data.

Hope this helps,


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