Data with "Line Break" formatted in CSV cant view in survey

10-25-2018 02:25 PM
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I have a .csv file that contains data with a line break already formatted within each corresponding answer.  Yet, when I use the pulldata function, nothing appears.

I want my data to show in the survey like:

ZONE: 4  (Title: H4)  CH: 3
ZONE: 10  (Title: H10)  CH: 1
ZONE: 11  (Title: H11)  CH: 1
ZONE: 12  (Title: H12)  CH: 1

Instead of what I had before, which was hard to view in the field:

ZONE: 4 (Title: H4) CH: 3   ZONE: 10 (Title: H10) CH: 1  ZONE: 11 (Title: H11) CH: 1  ZONE: 12 (Title: H12) CH: 1

I've tried putting the formatting within the answers with no luck:

"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 4  (Title: H4)  CH: 3"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 10  (Title: H10)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 11  (Title: H11)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 12  (Title: H12)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 13  (Title: H13)  CH: 1"

A select_one will grab the corresponding 'Zone' information. And some answers may contain 12 or more lines.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Oscar,

CSV files containing line breaks are not currently supported by the pulldata() function. You will need to remove the line breaks from your CSV for pulldata() to work correctly.


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