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Data fails to export for all users except survey owner

07-26-2023 10:05 AM
New Contributor

When my colleagues try to export the data from the AGOL Survey123 site they get a generic "failed to export" message. I (the survey owner) am successful at exporting the data but no one else. I have the setting set to allow viewers to export the data and we have tried multiple browsers so neither of those things seem to be the problem. Any help with this issue is appreciated.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @MichaelaOwens

Are your colleagues able to export the data from the item details page for the feature service directly in your content? 

Do your colleagues also have the privilege to create content in their account? When someone exports data ArcGIS Online creates an item in the root folder of their content for the exported item. If the user doesn't have the privilege to create content that could be a reason the export is failing for them. 

Please see the Export data from hosted feature layers documentation for more information. 

Thank you,
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