Data editing in a Survey123 Connect Published Survey

05-15-2019 03:50 PM
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Why can't I edit the data in a submitted survey that was published in Survey123 Connect? I can do it if using the website survey builder. 

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Doug,

The Survey123 website is rolling out support for editing gradually, based on testing what currently works within the web form.  With the next release, forms published by Survey123 Connect that do not contain repeats will be supported.

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Found out the other day while doing a demonstration for a couple of co-workers that editing is now possible on a Connect created survey. This makes life so much more pleasant. Thanks to those who made this happen!!!!!

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I'm currently finding out that allowing others, other than the owner, to edit is still problematic for me. Do you have this issue and if not, can you provide some insight?

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