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Customizable form elements (generated_note_...) stops survey from publishing

02-24-2022 12:57 AM
New Contributor III


When I add a note of the  type listed here I cannot publish my survey. I get no error message, it just runs and runs without publishing. 


If I remove the "generated_note_form_footer" the survey is published without a problem.

I have used the generated_note_ type notes in other surveys without problems. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @Sil_

I am not seeing this behavior on my end to confirm are you using the latest 3.14 version of ArcGIS Survey123 Connect? What step of the publishing process are you seeing Connect get stuck on? 

Thank you,
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Hi and thanks for checking. I am using version 3.13 and Connect gets stuck when I click "publish" after updating the xls form. 

I do see that it works fine whenever I add a generated note type note in any other survey. I wonder if it is related to the fact that we've edited and configured the survey in both Connect and on the web/browser version. I will try setting the survey up from scratch and see if that works.

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Is the generated_note field within a repeat?  If so, that's a known bug/limitation.   You can't update an already-published survey with a NEW field inside of a repeat unless you are also adding a NEW field outside of the repeat.  
Assuming that's what you're seeing....

Add a new field outside of the repeat called "delete_me"

Add your generated_note_form_footer field inside of the repeat. 

Publish, which will create 2x new fields. 

After you publish, remove your "delete_me" field and publish again.  

Once that's done, go to your feature layer in AGOL and delete the "delete_me" field from the feature layer. 

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