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07-04-2016 07:18 AM
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At the UC advanced session it was mentioned​ by Ismael Chivite that it was possible to create your own customised version of survey123 e.g branded for your organisation. Can someone provide a link to how this can be done or some steps. Is it with the web appbuilder or appstudio?

Many thanks

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In order to customize your app utilize AppStudio with your license set at Standard.  The Basic License will not allow you to customize in the sense you are talking about...

I am still waiting for my administrator to change my licensing, but I have a video I will upload shortly from the UC session, "Extending Survey123 for ArcGIS".  Elvin Slavik and Sathya Prasad provided an awesome summation on how to custom brand Survey123.

These were screen shots from that UC session showing what tools you would need to fully customize your app, as well as useful links.