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Custom Error Messages on Submission

03-24-2023 06:49 AM
New Contributor

I've created a Survey with a my own feature service.  Within that feature I have validation rules to test the data. It prevents the data from being submitted when the data doesn't match my criteria.  However the error message that is posted to the user is so busy with error codes and layers of messages that my simple message is lost, which would likely make it very confusing to the user.  

Is there a way to only display a simple error message? 

This is via the web survey and created with Connect.


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @SteveGingerich

Survey123 returns the error returned by the server and there wouldn't be a way to modify the error from the Survey123 side. 

Our recommended workflow would be to use the same logic you used for your validation rules in the constraint column of the XLSForm so that the validation occurs on the Survey123 side prior to submission. Using a constraint allows you to customize the constraint message which will be displayed in Survey123.

Thank you,
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