Creating Surveys with a Feature Service that has Nested Repeats

02-12-2018 09:25 AM
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I have a feature service with nested repeats that contains a parent layer, child layer, and grandchild table. To create a survey for the grandchild table, I have to create a new survey in Survey123 Connect with the grandchild table’s schema and point it to the grandchild table in my feature service via the “form_id” and “submission_url”. Then, I was curious to see if I could create a second survey that collects information for both the parent layer and child layer in my feature service, but I keep getting an error that read “The custom feature service submission_url is not compatible with this survey (Table Child_Layer not found).” However, if I publish this second survey without pointing it to my feature service with nested repeats, it publishes successfully. Is there a way where I can create this second survey that collects information for both my parent and child layer in my feature service that has nested repeats, or will I need to have 3 separate surveys for my 1) parent layer, 2) child layer, and 3) grandchild table?

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Hi Jennifer

Survey123 currently does not support nested repeats. However, we hope add support for this functionality in time for the UC. I will add your request to our internal issue.

You should still be able to create a survey that targets both the parent feature layer and child table.

More than likely the existing feature service has not been configured for Survey123 (there are some specific requirements such as supporting edits using gloablids). Please take a look at the following resource: Use Survey123 with existing feature services—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS and confirm that the feature service meets the requirements and that you are referring to the feature service item in the submission url.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance - are you able to share the service?



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Glad to hear nested repeats are on the docket! These are sorely needed.

I would love to see them for this coming spring/summer field season... However, UC is in July?

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