Creating Input Tables in Survey123

04-11-2017 04:45 AM
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Hi, I have just recently been introducing Survey123 into field work for a utility company. We are looking to go paperless to reduce the loss of information and a more organized work flow. I am however finding troubles reproducing a simple table with columns and rows for the field techs to input information into. Has there been any functionality introduced into Survey123 that I am unaware of to accomplish this task?

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     Survey123 collects and stores it information in a Feature class that has an attribute table with the rows and columns you need.  These columns are created by structure of your form and a new row is added for each survey completed.  I do not believe you can expose the table directly in Survey123 but you should be able to configure the a survey with the required question to produce the required data on the backend.  An alternate solution if you absolutely need a gridded layout for data entry would be to collect the data on the mobile device in a spread sheet or database and then join or relate the table to your spatial data after the fact.

Chris M

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Hi Brandon,

As Chris notes above, we currently do not have support for layouts with multiple questions layer out in the same row.  I've added your request to the enhancement issue to bring support for this.  

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Does the note field take HTML to create some table formatted content on the form?

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Hi Constantinos,

I'm not sure this is directly relevant to the question in this forum - that concerns a table-like layout of the questions (which is now supported via the 'theme-grid' style (see Appearance—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation ).

With regard to your question, creating an HTML table is supported - see Supported HTML Subset | Qt GUI 5.14.2  for the HTML elements that can be present in a note.

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This a function that a colleague would find extremely useful for adapting an old data collection protocol. It would make some data entry significantly faster and allow them to use survey123 for critical monitoring functions.

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