Integromat - Webhook Payload Differences using Webform vs. Field App

03-03-2020 10:09 AM
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We are using Integromat to automate some reporting and email distribution when sending and editing survey responses.  I have notice a difference in payload content when editing a response using the survey's webform versus editing a survey response from the inbox on the client app.

In an Editing Scenario (editData):

When using the field app, all survey attribute information is returned as a collection of attributes in the payload.  This is great and exactly what is needed.

When using the webform, only the globalid and the OBJECTID are sent in the payload.  While this is sufficient in generating reports, it's not helpful when trying to author an automated email about the content of the survey being updated.  

Ideally, all survey response information would(should?) be sent from either the webform or the field app.  Is this "by design" or a bug?

Here is the response from the field app(left) vs. the webform (right).  Both are edits to the same survey response.  The only edit that was made to both of them was the "Status" field.

Field app payload  webform payload

Thank you!


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Hi Andrew,

Apologies for the display.  You are correct to note that the webform data in an editing event only presents those questions that have been edited, rather than the full form information.  Based on feedback from users, we are planning to shift this to the full form information in the future.  As an FYI, you can track this via BUG-000129381.

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Great news.  Thanks for getting back to me.  Getting full information is very helpful for us and is a critical requirement.   I appreciate your time in seeing my question through.


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