Creating a SQL database for use with Workforce and Survey123 on a federated server

11-19-2020 01:51 PM
by Anonymous User
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We have SQL 2016, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 and would like to host Workforce and Survey123 behind our firewall.

We are standing up an outward facing Server (Internet connection). I trust we will need to Register both Workforce and Survey123 apps on the server.

Question: How do we set up the SQL geodatabase on our SQL server to allow the data for the Workforce projects and assignments feature services to reside in house?

Ideally the user would log into our server from Survey123 to receive their assignments, submit the assignments and the data is stored in the registered database.

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Hi @Anonymous User ,

As part of your ArcGIS Enterprise set up, you have installed the ArcGIS Data Store's relational component?  That is part of the base deployment. If so, Survey123 & Workforce will operate as expected.  It sounds as if you additionally want Survey123 and Workforce to not use hosted feature services for the data collected - that can be done by configuring a Survey123 form to work against an existing feature service.  The Workforce assignments would still be stored in a hosted service in the Data Store.

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