Creating a new survey with a feature layer being used by Collector

01-31-2020 04:03 PM
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I am wondering if the scenario below would be feasible.

There is a collect app created with address points and its related table (let's say this is table 1). All collected information seems to be stored in the related table only, not in the point feature layer. My supervisor wants to see if I can use this existing feature layer as start point of a new survey123 (using Inbox), and my survey information will be stored into a new related table (table 2). Table 1 and 2 wont have any overlap information and not related except for that they are associated with address points. 

currently, I cannot republish the data with new additional related table (table 2 - where my survey goes) because I do not have the original data as well as the collector is in use - I cannot overwrite or start as new otherwise the captured information would be useless.

So here is my question....

Can I publish a table (table 2) that will hold my survey information, and create relationship with this existing address points layer on ArcGIS Online instead of publishing the whole new set of layers? Then use it to create my survey? I am wondering the existing related table (table 1- used by collector) will be detected as its another related table, and create repeat in my survey form? but I need to delete.. cannot use...

Anyone any advice?


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Hi Jay,

I think the main problem you would have is creating the relationship with the existing table.  Relationships exist within 1 feature layer/service; they can't span multiple feature layers.  Otherwise, you can certainly create surveys that target different layers of a feature service and do not touch other layers in the same layer - see Use Survey123 with existing feature services—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation  for more information.  

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Hello James, 

So I cannot create the relationship with the existing feature layer because the new table would be published under different service...? but would it be work if I download the data from ArcGIS online,and overwrite the service?

1. download address feature layer/related table (table A - being used for collector) from ArcGIS online.

2. Create a new table (table b) that will be used with survey123.

3. Create a relationship class between the new table (table b) and address points feature class.

4. Two relationship exist within address feature points as a result.

5. Publish

6. Create survey with the address feature layer, but delete begin/end repeat for the collect table(table A) so that no data is captured under collector table.

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