Create Survey on feature layer view to restrict what attributes are seen from original feature layer when editing from inbox..

01-07-2021 08:04 PM
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Hi Guys, 

I've created a survey for particular assessment workflow, now i'd like another team to pick up the original surveys in the inbox and complete the second part of the survey. Problem is, there is data in the first part of the survey I don't want seen by editors completing the second part of Survey in there. 

If I setup a second Survey based on a new feature layer view omitting the sensitive fields, will the editors be able to see these captured attributes? or will they just not appear? And, if they update information, will it also update the original feature service.  



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Hi @AlexGodfrey1  I usually create a second survey by using the same feature layer and in Survey Connect I just remove what I don't need or I make it "hidden" in the first column.

Never tried the feature layer view as option. 

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Many Thanks, will give this a try :) 

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