create report when basemap and feature class have different projections

09-06-2022 06:42 AM
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When printing report from survey123 , the "map" part of the report gets printed fine, only when both basemap and Feature class are in the same projection.

For example  when using  feature class ( wkid 2039) and BaseMap (wkid 2857) , it results in map which is not centered on the selected feature class.

Does anyone know if this is the correct behavior or is this a bug .

Attached are two results one with different projections and one with the same projection.

 The Survey was created with Survey123 connect using "feature service" as initial XLSfForm  design.

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@IrisHadarStltd It sounds like you are experiencing the same issue as described in another thread:

I looked a BUG-000151785 for it and I just checked the status and it is already been set to "In Product Plan"

I hope this answers your query

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Thanks @Richard_Purkis @IrisHadarStltd .


We have included a fix for this issue on the Survey123 Beta website It is planned for the coming September Update late this month.

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